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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 3, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>>megyn: twitter, "race" helped me. i like the step stool under your seat. so i don't know why i am up here so high, but that is how they put the desk. i sit where they tell me, you know what i am saying in shepard smith gets to stand. >>shepard: those stools used to number this studio and they wobble. >>megyn: you are right. you are right. this could be a problem. here is what i have resolved, the last day of the show, no matter where i am going i will get over here and i am going down. i'm going down. >>shepard: it is a ski slope.
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>>megyn: that will be a good toss to "studio b", okay. >>shepard: the syrian army has moved the most dangerous chemical weapons. and that is serious. seen color officials confirm the news and the white house wants that syria is very close to crossing a red line. what that means is coming up in a minute. and look at this surveillance video, police say it show as mother pulling her 11-year-old daughter from the cancer ward of a hospital, i.v.'s attached and the search coming up. she is in grave danger. we learned that will and kate are preggers, first child on the way. more than a year after the wedding became a global phenomenon and the heart and soul of martha. kate is now in the hospital. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the murder and
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suicide that stunned the sports world over speculation of what triggered it and the final minutes of a promising athlete's life after he shot his girlfriend nine times on saturday morning, in the moment that follows, he may have realized the life as he knew it was over and that could explain what he did next but we are not sure. officials say the chief's player drove to the stadium in kansas city, gathered his coaches in the parking lot, thanked them for everything they had done for him and he was amended, and reportedly very acknowledge stated. police were closing in and he took the gun, put it to his head, and ended it. his head coach, the defensive coordinator and general manager could not stop him. >> to coaches, and another employee, trying to beg with the guy. four guys standing there trying to negotiate with him.
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(inaudible). >>shepard: one in the head. the murderer did not survive. doctors pronounced the girlfriend dead at the hospital. the couple's three-month-old daughter now parentless. yesterday, the kansas city chiefs played as scheduled. the head coach there said he thought the game should go on despite it all. as for what he witnesses in the parking lot, he said this. >> i'm choosing not to answer any questions about what i saw yesterday. i think you will understand that and hopefully you will respect my wishes on that because it wasn't a pretty sight so i am choose not to talk about it. >>shepard: there was a moment of silence before the game for victims of domestic violence. investigators are looking to see what turned him into a killer.
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traumatic brain injury may have play add role. why the speculation? steve brown is in our newsroom. what is the source of this? >>reporter: dead spin, a sports website has a post where an author says that he received an e-mail from a single aanyone miscellaneous source alleging that heavy alcohol use and a series of head injuries may have led to what happened early on saturday. i spoke with the chiefs and their front office says that there were no head injuries that he suffered this year but we only could come up with a groin injury very early in the season and they are double checking to make sure. the final word on all of this seems to be coming from the medical examiner and we are told the autopsy of he and his girlfriend were both completed today and that the results will not come back for six to eight weeks. >>shepard: any indications or thought of a moment for killing his girlfriend?
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>>reporter: our affiliate in kansas city says this erupted from an argument about her late return from a concert early in their early morning hours and it went from there. then, eventually, his girlfriend was shot multiple times and according for 9-1-1 call it would appear she was dead long before she arrived at the hospital. >> early 20, a female, she was shot three or four times in the chest, neck, and abdomen, all through this time we tried everything, cpr, and nothing worked. >> we are told by the starting quaterback the team was in the process of putting together a fund for the surviving three-month-old orphan, zoe, and
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the team says they have been working on this through the night and they had nothing they will announce today but, possibly, soon. >>shepard: thank i from chicago. three former nfl players, i should say we are watching for more information in the case, and, three former nfl players have committed suicide in the last year. doctors have suggested brain damage from concussions may have been at least partly to blame in some of the cases. now, a new study shows what may be a stronger link between head injuries and even minor ones in young players and later mental health problems. we will look at those results whether they affect this case or not is another matter entirely but we will look at those results. >> the crisis in syria now and very, very tough talk from the secretary of state, hillary clinton about potential for united states intervention amid reports that the syrian military has yet, again, moved the chemical weapons in recent days.
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now, secretary of state, hillary clinton says the united states will take action if they release those chemical weapons on their people. >> this is a red line for the united states, we have made that clear. there is in doubt there is a line between even the horrors they have already inflicted and moving to what would be an internationally con telled step of utilizing their chemical weapons. >>shepard: syria could have several hundred ballistic missiles in their arsenal, capable of carrying chemical warheads. the united nations is pulling all of their "nonessential international staff" from syria as fighting intensifies in damascus. this is amateur video that reportedly shows violent airstrikes in a suburb but fox news cannot confirm the.
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>> -- confirm the the authencity. hillary clinton was not clear about what the red line would be? >>reporter: that is right. for the talk about a "red line" is seen as crossing, officials are being vague about the actions by the americans that it would trigger. >> we think it is important to prepare if contingency planning. we are actively consulting with friends, and allies and the opposition. i would not want to speculate what actually might happen. >>reporter: the sites where certain president bashar al-assad stores and maintains the stockpiles of chemical weapons and their related components are broadly speaking, known to american intelligence agencies much the step up
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movement at the locations was first reported by "new york times" and senior officials confirmed it to fox news and added "we don't know if the scenes plan to use them but there are troubling signs." the real fear on the part of the obama white house specifically is that assad, having failed to stop the two year uprising using conventional military means and having killed an estimated 40,000 people in the process, could now turn to weapons of mass destruction. >>shepard: a valid concern according to the monitors but a problem is the weapons are dangerous for more than just the assad >>reporter: the syrian force whose have access to the weapons and weapons components have the benefit of advanced training monday handling them properly. the czech republic represents interests in syria since we evacuated our embassy, and the czech foreign minister who hosted hillary clinton in prague warned that one of the rebel groups in syria could obtain the chemical weapons and he called that "a danger" as well.
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defense secretary panetta spoke in september about increased activity being discerned at the same sites. >>shepard: and now the managing director for the washington institute, michael singh. the moving of the weapons, we have discussed this before, is a problem. >>guest: sear -- syria has the chemical capable missiles and shells, as james noted. the fear is this is a regime that has killed 40,000 people already and now we cannot put it past them to use the chemical weapons. that could have an effect not only in syria but on the region. >>shepard: losing track, michael, of where they are, it sounds like it is a problem, at the very least. >>guest: very problematic. i don't know that the regime is
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close to using weapons. any kind of movement, anything that suggests the weapons could be further dispersed or prepared for use is of tremendous concern for the united states because if they were to fall in the rock hands or to get out of our sight it poses a real security problem. >>shepard: and the statements from the united states specifically from secretary clinton when you say "this is a red line," are you by default saying anything else is not crossing a red line, we will stay out of it unless and until? >>guest: that is the unintended consequence. this is not the first time this red line has been put down but obviously it suggests or implies that anything up to this red line, we are not going to take action. it will be disheartening for that reason, to the syrian opposition, because as we said, 40,000 people have been killed and they will look at this and say, well, how many more need to be killed before the international community to take action, putting aside the question of the chemical
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weapons. >>shepard: i have read reports that this is spreading in a lot of different ways with problems in turkey and other borders and now we read that some of the weapons being used in the syrian civil war are making their way to other problematic areas. >>guest: well, that is right. what you is seen from the united states and from others is a containment policy, we are trying to him this problem in, you have seen reports of patriot missiles going to turkey soon, and rather than, stay, step in and resolve it, you are pointing to containment which may not work as this starts to bleed out. it is tough to protect all the borders. >>shepard: it may not be would being right now. thanking, michael singh, from the washington institute. president obama announced the proposal for avoiding the fiscal cliff. republicans called it a "joke." breaking just minutes ago, republicans have made a counteroffer. we will get to that. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about low-cost investing.
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>>shepard: g.o.p. lawmakers minutes ago sent a letter to the president which we are told outlines the g.o.p. counteroffer to president obama's plan to keep us from falling over the fiscal cliff after the white house sent geithner to the hill last week outlining the democrats' plan which the republicans called "a joke." we are less than a month from going over the fiscal cliff and the term economists call the series of spending cuts and expiring tax breaks that will take effect the first of the year. that could cost millions of jobs and lead to a new recession. it is basically austerity on
12:17 pm
steroids. republicans with their counteroffer today again reject the president's plan if higher taxes on families earning more than $250,000 a year. wendell is live at the white house. if they reject that i don't know how far this will go. the president could blink but his eyes seem wide open. >>reporter: it is a nonstarter if they reject continuing the upper income tax cuts. the republicans say the plan cuts the deficits by $4.6 trillion based on the white house method of counting based on the recommendations of the president's deficit reduction commission but the president could disagree. the republicans say the plan would raise $800 million through tax reform but not by phasing out the upper income bush tax cuts and before the plan was announced, white house press secretary insisted the rates will not make it to the new year. >> he will not sign a bill that extends those tax rates for the top 2 percent.
12:18 pm
we cannot afford it. it is not wise economic policy. not wise fiscal policy. it would defeat the principle of balance that he has embraced. >> the president wrapped up an hour long twitter session promoting what he called a balanced approach, as far as deficit reduction. >>shepard: is this posturing? >>reporter: well, it is, this great measure. each side wants to blame the other. and not just if we go over the cliff, but if they do reach an agreement, each side wants the other to take the blame for the parts of the ultimate compromise their constituents don't like. right now the negotiations are nowhere, and the white house has not put a serious offer on the table but democrats say it is republicans not being specific. senator graham was gloomy conferred. >> we are going over the cliff. it is clear to me they made a
12:19 pm
political calculation this offer doesn't remotely deal with entitlement reform that saves medicare, medicaid and social security from bankruptcy. it raises $1.6 trillion on job creators that will destroy the economy and there are no spending criminals. >>reporter: the president now is demanding twice as much new tax revenue as he talked about in the campaign. >>shepard: thank you from the north lawn. kid would play contact sports could be damaging their brain before they get to college. there is a brand new study that shows how much damage a few hits to the head can do to a person and what it means for that person's long term health. that is next. and the story of the explosives, millions of pounds of explosives in a small town in louisiana, which is the real life home to the fictional town from "true blood." hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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>>shepard: they have a story in london. will and kate are expecting a baby. who could forget the pomp and circumstance around the royal wedding and 2.4 billion people saw them get hitched up. the duchess said "i do" and that was that. today the palace announced she is in a hospital with acute morning sickness. you can get reporters and photographers around the world will track every step of this thing because when prince william's mother, the late princess diana was pregnant she complained "the whole world is watching my stomach." johnathan?
12:24 pm
>>jonathan: england is overjoyed, they are dancing in the street. they can barely wait. it has been big news all day, front page of every news website and every newspaper, tomorrow, and every politician including the prime minister lining up to to say congratulations to the royal couple. here is prime minister cameron. >> it is absolutely wonderful news and i am delighted for them, i am sure they will make brilliant parents and i am sure everyone around the country will be celebrating with them tonight. >>jonathan: in the pub. the down note i got from a friend who says in a tweet this is another mouth for the poor taxpayer to pay in the times of austerity. humbug. >>shepard: so, the tabloids must be running amok. >>jonathan: they will be saysed with this for the next however long it takes, we don't now how pregnant she is. we believe it is less than
12:25 pm
telephone weeks and they only announced it because she is now in the hospital, that is a live camera outside the hospital, where she has been treated for something that is a severe form of morning sickness which sometimes afflicts those ladies who are carrying twins. imagine. imagine. imagine. this will be the most wanted royal pregnancy since william himself was born and diana emerged from the hospital with charles carrying baby william. and, the big betting campaign is now on for names, john, george, and charles himself for the early favorites for boys, and francis is favorite for a girl followed by victoria and diana and elizabeth. you can get 1,000-1 to brooklyn. and i called william hill and said what about king shepherd and he said that is an
12:26 pm
occupation, not a name. that is all. >>shepard: june or july you will be back home. energy yourself. i had to go to the wedding and i am immune from future. >>jonathan: you had a great time. >>shepard: only because martha was there. >>jonathan: she knows how to party. >>shepard: she knows the royals. for country or ex-nfl players have killed they willselves this year. belcher in a murder-suicide over the weekend. and the titans receiver shot himself and jr. seau, and atlantic falcon safety, as well, and his occupy showed he had a britain disease linked to repeated concussions. last year the former bears star shot himself in the chest. he left a note saying, please,
12:27 pm
see that my brain is given to the nfl. he had brain damage related to his hard hits. now this new study, new study that just came out, adding to the body of evidence linking repeated brain injuries or head injuries to brain damage. and republickers have found that 80 percent of people with a history of mild brain trauma later showed signs of damage that can cause depression and dementia. our doctor joins us, a specialist in head and brain injuries. thank you, doctor. a lot of these injuries, and it feels like we are in news from the future on the >>guest: it does. today's story about the boston university report is significant because as you said, more than 68 of the 89 people they studied
12:28 pm
had some evidence of getting hit frequently. they played professional experts, 55 of them played actually in the nfl. while you can't pin your facts directly to the cause and effect, there is a strong suggestion when you have repeat head injuries it leads to cpe. the study breaks it down into four different stages. we really need to look carefully, now, when the symptoms come on if terms of the headaches, the anger, the depression, and, ultimately later stages, dementia in what we need to do to look aggressively at those reason to this. >>shepard: doctor, there is nothing worse than being the parent who has a child who wants to play football and you are that parent. have we reached a point in your professional estimation where
12:29 pm
parents need to further consider this matter before letting their kids hit the football field in the first place? >>guest: for sure. there is no question. we have seen enough in the recent months of the nfl player whose went on to have severe injuries. today's study reflects about the incidence of brain changes that can happen in those people who have repeat hits. there is in question. now, is there a direct correlation and does everyone get it? we don't know. there is also some evidence to believe that maybe there is a certain factor with the genes or certain are predisposed but there is no question parents that are were watching today need to be highly suspicious and highly cautious about having their kids participate in high school football either if they don't get the right test done, if they are not followed frequently, and, certainly, to make sure that the right protection is put in place to at least absorb some of the shock. >>shepard: the equipment has
12:30 pm
come a long way in recent years. doctor, thanks very were. a controversial decision from the israeli nation, or, i should say from israel, putting the united states at center of an international dispute involving some of our closest allies with the details next. look at this surveillance video. on the left side a woman with i.v. standing there, and the litt kid? the little kid is her daughter, the police say, and that kid has cancer. the mother has removed the child from the cancer hospital and doctors say that girl could very well die in days. the hunt for this child is on. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? maybe you want to incorporate a business. orrotect your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like the help of an attorney. at legalzoom a legal plan attorney is available in most states with every personalized document to answer questions. get started at today. and now you're protected. then you may be looking for help
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one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day 50+. >>shepard: the government of israel gave crews the okay to build thousands of controversial new homes. it is not the first time. more trouble in the decades long fight between israel and the palestinians. that is because the housing units are planned for territories including the west bank and east jerusalem. republican, last week, the united nations gave the palestinians a symbolic victory and more, really, than symbolism , of being nonmember state and the next day israeli officials revealed they moved forward with the new settlement construction. now, european nations including britain, spain, france, sweden, denmark, have all "summoned israeli ambassadors" to their capital cities in protest.
12:35 pm
officials say it is unlikely they will go through the more formal process of recalling their diplomats. david lee is live in jerusalem. how is israel's responding to this, david lee? >>reporter: a short time ago we talked to a source in the prime minister's office. he said and i quote, "the decision stands." what we talking about, and it is important we be clear, the 3,000 or so housing units you mention that would be in jerusalem as well as the west bank. israel, at the same time, made another decision saying in the planning stages, are another settlement expansion, this one in an area that the israelis identify as e1, 4 1/2 square miles outside of jerusalem and it is much more of a problem because the palestinians say if there is no construction in the area outside of jerusalem, they will not be able to have contiguous land and cannot have a palestinian state, and what they will be stuck with is,
12:36 pm
essentially, a crazy quilt of patchwork territory and that would certainly be unacceptable. the israelis say that part of the settlement expansion, though, is only in the planning stages, and some have suggested it could be years away if it happens, at. >>shepard: that is the reason so many around the world are upset? >>reporter: in addition that 3,000 units are according to the israelis, soon going to be constructed. that is why we saw today, the israeli ambassador being summoned in four different european nations including britain, and in britain, the israeli ambassador was told by the u.k. that if they go ahead with the settlement plans, israel is going to compromise the viability of the two state solution. the french government, which voted in favor of their upgraded status for the palestinians at the u.n. says it is not looking for way, is now looking for ways to put pressure on israel but it is not at this time considering trade sanctions. as for the palestinians, and this is very interesting, a
12:37 pm
member of the p.l.o. raised the possibility today that the p.l.o. would consider taking matters, now, to the international criminal court but many sources believe that it is highly unlikely that the palestinian president is given assurances to the united states that will not happen at least in the foreseeable future, but, definitely the palestinians not happy. they are pleased it appears that the world consensus is lining up behind them. >>shepard: thank you from jerusalem. there is a frantic search at home for a sick little girl that doctors say could die if they don't find her very soon. this is surveillance video from a hospital in phoenix. police say that is the 11-year-old cancer patient's mother sneaking her right out of the hospital with potentially deadly piece of equipment localed in her heart. a nurse spotted them leaving and called the police. >> they were actually by the front entrance and walked into the bathroom, disconnect the her
12:38 pm
from the i.v. and walked out the front door and got in the car. >>shepard: this is a dealerrer picture of the little girl the cops are trying to find. so far, they have had no luck at all. if doctors don't take that catheter from her heart she could die in days. trace is in the west coast newsroom. explain for us why is so serious. >>trace: well, the catheter goes directly to her heart and it is not sealed off so it is much more prone to becoming infected. back to the surveillance video to point something out. if you look at her walking with her mom you will notice the girl's right arm is amputated just above the elbow, that is because she got an infection during leukemia treatment so we already know she is very prone to infection because of the leukemia and now she has this piece of equipment that goes into her heart that could become infected and because it is in the heart the infection would not have very far to travel and she would die very quickly which is why authorities are now
12:39 pm
saying she needs to get this thing pulled out and get that catheter and the wounds sealed. >>shepard: why in the world would the mother do this? >>trace: that is a good question. they think there is a possibility she didn't like this hospital and she may now be at another medical institution getting her more treatment but they cannot find them. there is in physical address in arizona. they believe they have ties to mexico. they think they have some family in san jose in northern california, so they have expanded this search and they have even come in contact with the father and the father doesn't know where they are. listen. >> we were able to talk to him or get some information from him through the border patrol. at this point what he has been told is he has no knowledge of where his daughter is, was unaware that the mother had removed her from the hospital and so we have not gotten a lot of information out of him. >>trace: very little information.
12:40 pm
police say the mom could actually face criminal charges at some point in time but right now they just want to get the word out and have someone convince mom to take the girl in because it is a simple procedure to get this sealed off and taken out. >>shepard: thank you, trace, from los angeles. >> researchers are saying they know why so many seniors fall victim to scams. even obvious schemes that most of us would spot right away. researchers say we all have a signal suspicion in our brains, it warns us when someone is trying to rip us off, but researchers say we get less skeptical as we get older leaving senior citizens more vulnerable. john roberts has the rest of the study. i have been seeing this for 25 years. what did the study find? >>reporter: as we get older we lose the ability to determine who or what is untrustworthy, whether it is an internet offer or something from direct mail,
12:41 pm
researchers say this occurs and it is deep in the brain in the corecortex. researchers divided people in two groups, one average age 23 and one average age 68 and showed pictures of those who looked untrustworthy and put them in a mri brain. the areas of the cortex lit up like a warning signal when they were shown pictures of who looked untrustworthy and the older brain, nothing happened. it did not register. the lead reseracher says people as they able lose that "gut" feeling that something is wrong. >> if you are not getting that signal it is not figuring into your decisionmaking so you could falsely believe that a pitch of some kind is a good one when, in fact, it is bad and a younger adult would have no difficulty seeing that.
12:42 pm
>>reporter: her father was taken for $17,000 by a couple of homeless people, her aunt bought what she thought were dimes over the internet and they were nothing but glass. >>shepard: we have been watching people scam older people forever but does this find proof this is what causes it? >>reporter: there is nothing definitive but it gives a better idea of what could be happening in the brain and it is less about cognitive decline than about how our emotions and our perception of emotion changes. it starts in your mid-50's and the perfect victim is a seasoned investor in his mid-50's who doesn't get the trigger that, wait, this is a bad idea. researchers say with people living longer and managing retirement accounts over decades this will become a bigger problem as we get older. >>shepard: mid-50's, wow. thank you, john roberts. a spokesman for egypt's president says constitutional crisis resolveed. protesters in the street have a
12:43 pm
very different idea. the latest from the country that is supposed to be handling the israel and gaza cease-fire. that is coming up. [ male announcer ] red lobster's hitting the streets
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>>shepard: she want is a much divided nation with a proposed new constitution out there at the center of a showdown between the judges and the islamist members of the government who are allies of the president who has gone off the rails. at issue is how power will be divided in egypt less than two years after the revolution that ended decades of dictatorship. and judge napolitano is here. the best way to describe what morsi did, he came in and tried to make himself a dictator. >>judge napolitano: he did. he came in, initially, as the man of the people, as the first popularly elected chief executive of egypt in its 3,000 year history. in a year of being in office, he
12:47 pm
said, the courts can not everrule me and no one can sue me and no one can second-guess me and what i say is the law. while he did that, he got the legislature, which was elected with him to write a new constitution without debate or input and against the rules of the present constitution and he is just putting it out there for the public to vote on. why are the judges so upset? the egyptian system of judges is similar to ours and to the british system, and judges can say to the government, that is unconstitutional. can you not do it. not in the islamic world which is what the constitution will have. their goal is an oath that is any dealt to shiria law, not rights of divided powers. >>shepard: egypt is the most powerful because of the numbers, 80 million people in egypt, they
12:48 pm
are overseeing so much of what is happening including the peace treaty of sorts between hamas and the palestinians and the israeli government and if egypt is in that sort of turmoil, the world is a more shaky place. >> that is the problem, because the obama administration understands exactly what you said. they need stability in egypt. they don't necessarily need a dictator replacing another dictator which is what morsi will have done, a secular dictator whose tyranny is not based on religious order, versus a religious dictator whose tyranny is based on one religion. if you are not in that religion or you are and you don't want to follow it can you not live the life the way you want. it is very serious. the constitution he is proposing will look like iran's constitution if it is passed and the real power resides in the religious dictates issued by 9 head of the islamic religion in
12:49 pm
the country. >>shepard: the moderates have walked out of the discussions and saying we will railroad this through. >>judge napolitano: there will be more riots because i think the judges will invalidate it. >>shepard: they have been through a lot. new trouble with millions of pounds of explosives in the recommend life home of a fictional town from "true blood" setting for a fictional vampire show with a very real crisis on their hands. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>>shepard: and a town where hbo films their vampire show "true blood" has a real crisis. some six million pounds of explosives, six million pounds, forcing cops to evacuate around 400 people from their homes. the real life town is doyline, louisiana, in the northwest part of the state. a company was illegally storing the dangerous explosives and that is what is found in military artillery. it recycles old army explosives into dynamite but cops say they had the explosives dangerously packed in every corner of the warehouse. state cops in louisiana say they accuse them of "careless and reckless disregard making it unsafe for the employees, for schoolchildren in the area, for the town, as well." now, as crews work to remove six million pounds of explosives, hundreds of families need someplace else to stay.
12:54 pm
>> i would not have been putting up christmas lights. but i'm not at home. >> it is hard to find somewhere, you ain't got the resources to put yourself up nowhere. >> the city could be known better as the fictional homes of the town that is no stranger to pretty dangerous situations like vampires and men who turn into dogs but nothing like millions and millions of pounds of explosives. and new, we have a superintendent of louisiana state police. sir, good afternoon. when i read what town it was, six million towns of explosives this outside the rules? >>guest: certainly. what scares me, i have been involved with the state police for 33 years and the public has a right to know, we need to let them know what is ahead. we look at worse case scenario but how do you prepare for
12:55 pm
something you don't want to know will happen? six million pounds a propellant, a dangerous explosive, we don't need to know what happens when that goes up. if my trooper that went back, october 15 there was an explosion and he was following up on the explosion and asked to see the rest of the property and walked back to the back end and went into a building and through an open door he saw something that stubbed him and he looked out the window and it was ever are write. the guy with him tale left got in the car and least him back there. he called him to come back but what unfolded we thought maybe was over a million pounds of the explosives, what we are finding out as of yesterday, they said it is in excess of six million pounds. these are little tablets, people -- pellets. we are dealing with something
12:56 pm
that the town is only 4,000 feet away. the high school was in the perimeter. a mile away is a parish jail. and a national guard facility where we have classes going on there, so, all that is on hold. we are going through this. >>shepard: how do you get it out? >>guest: we are going in the buildings. they stuffed this stuff in buildings, placed on top of each other. we went into the inside and worked our way up and filled up 30, 18-wheelers and we are trying to get term out of where it is, and placed in an approve ed igloo container so we can work it. we will probably have a better idea tomorrow afternoon just how long that town is going to be closed down and evacuated. people can go back tonight and take care of their animals. very, very dangerous situation. we will visit with the owners when they get back in the
12:57 pm
county. >>shepard: i bet, thank you, colonel. t, meet beef. it's swanson flavor boost. concentrated broth to add delicious flavor to your skillet dish in just one stir. mmm! [ female announcer ] cook, meet compliments. get recipes at
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